Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hot Mop Holiday Shorts Episode 15 *Happy Holidays From Us And Our Extended Family*

This is hardly an episode haha. We set up the camera at the end of the Holiday Office party the Spek boys threw, gave a couple of directions out for a few key players and boom ! Episode 15 haha. Anyway I'm sad to say the time has come our 2 week run must come to an end. This right here is our last Holiday Short and although we'll be gone for a while I assure you in the new year we'll back bigger and better in every way. I'd like very much at this point to extend a huge shout and thank you to Hot Mop Films for letting me stretch my artistic film side a little bit. They exercised a great deal of trust in a rapper to deliver the goods and I hope I did them proud. Those are some fierce workers over there at the Mop and tough critics but I got them to share their wealth of knowledge with the kid and they always had a spot for me in the office. All in all, it was a great campaign and I hope you'd agree. Peace for now !

Once again, if you'd like to read about we were doing, you can check out the official Press Release here

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