Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hot Mop Holiday Shorts Episode 8 *Rudolf (a real catchy remix)*

First let me apologize for posting this late. Verizon blows and we're assed out in the office. Forget about that now, for this is indeed a special one my friends. Very, very good brother of mine, singer-songwriter ME along with the incomparable Will Divide come together to form "a real catchy name". More from them shortly, stay tuned. This is their rendition of the classic Christmas song Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer and when I tell you my boys did it up, they really fucking did it up. In about 2 hours, Rudolf was officially a different, more messed up reindeer than he's ever been haha.

*Fun Fact* This is officially "a real catchy name's" public debut. Although us in the crew have known for years what these guys can do, the public has yet to see anything until today. Hot Mop Films have a special write up from ME himself. Do enjoy and happy holidays !

8 down, 6 to go ! Read about what we're doing in the full Press Release here

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