Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hot Mop Holiday Shorts Episode 10 *Stizzi & Tig*

My new favorite ! Literally running on empty yesterday me and Dred ran around the world getting err done. Along our travels we stopped into a new tattoo shop and future offices of entrepreneurs /slash/ muuhhfuckin' famous kids Stizzi & Tig. Pretty bitches walking around smoking bogies, getting painted on? Sure. Day in the life baby. Dred and Tig have been brothers for years and it's nice to see everybody grow up, work hard for good things to come. Check Hot Mop and read from the horses mouth the kind of relationship these guys had. Thanks again my niggas !

*Can't forget, peace to Willa for letting us paint and film her pretty ass.

10 down, 5 to go ! If you'd like to know more about what we're doing, read the official Press Release here.

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