Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Chase N. Cashe x Vibe Magazine Interview (Producer of "Drop The World")

Lemme just give you a little bit of a back story from my world. A couple months ago I started following a shit talking producer on Twitter named Chase N. Cashe after downloading his excellent, free instrumental album LOVend . I liked his style and almost immediately started writing to one of the beats off that album (yet to come) - I hit him up to compliment him, tell him I have a joint coming produced by him and he's such a cool guy it took many , many times of trying for him to finally acknowledge me. Muuhhfucka. Anyway, I kinda feel niggas like that, I get it. There's a lot of cornballs sending tweets out. He doesn't know me from anywhere, cool. Anyway, let's cut to the chase (ha !) - homie, along with Hit Boy  just produced what, to me, is an incredible record off Lil Wayne's leaked Rebirth which features a standout performance from Eminem. I believe the song, Drop The World is just the beginning of hits coming from the talented producers and I like how I saw that shit coming a mile away.

Read the Vibe Interview here

*Stay tuned for T.Shirt x Chase N. Cashe's L.A. Love Affair coming soon. Watch a trailer for the record here.

*One more thing, Chase recently sent out a tweet talking about how he only does what he does to promote his personal artists. That's so muuhhfuckin' real and exactly what the fuck I'm talking about.

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