Thursday, December 10, 2009

T.Shirt Loses Rhymefest Contest Semi-Gracefully

Ha ! Last month I learned of a contest dude was throwing along with Ruby Hornet as part of the promotion going on for his album, El Che in 2010. You needed to submit a verse on top of one of his instrumentals. Then, once you sent it in, every week "Fest would drop a video where he played a few of the submitted verses and shit all over them. Anyway the point of it all was to find an unknown rapper and put him on the final song which would appear on the album. I listened to why he was shitting on these guys and he was right a lot of the time. Some of the stuff he said was how guys weren't using the beat right, weren't talking about the right stuff, sloppy flow etc. So I killed it and then I lost. Rhymefest (who's from Chicago) picked the winner who is not all that good and also  from Chicago. Anyway, life goes on. Check out my submitted verse.

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