Thursday, February 4, 2010

*The Top 40 T.Shirt Verses Of The Decade*

It's been a little over a month now that I dropped this and I just wanna put it out there how important of a project it is to me. Besides cool, unreleased  tracks like the ones with Radiohead and the J Dilla freestyles, besides the throwback songs I did with the Dave Matthews Band or the infamous 100+ bar Grammy Family verse for instance, the real gems to me are the songs I've saved for over 10 years, no bullshit. Every young artist dreams of releasing their first "classic" album. The album they spent their whole life writing, creating, and living. I can't express to you how close to my heart songs like "Break Free", "Man At War", and "The Walk After" are. This truly is a unique project I've put out, and a real chance to get to know me as an artist and as a person, through and through. You don't even have to take the "time out to listen", fuck that. Just live, and let me play.

Download The Top 40 T.Shirt Verses Of The Decade
or use the updated link here

*Up top, that's a limited edition cover photo without the text on it. Incredible photography by Ryan Brooks and design by Reno Msad.

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