Monday, February 8, 2010

T.Shirt & Darvin Silva "Tan-Face Children" Press Release

December the 8th, 2010 in New York City

Over the last two months [Retro Electro] DJ/Producer Darvin Silva, and New York City rapper T.Shirt have been working on their full and realized debut EP together, "Tan-Face Children". The name derives from the opening line of the famous Walt Whitman poem "Pioneers! O Pioneers!" where the poet beckons the burning youth "Come my tan-face children". He's speaking of the Western world , the youth of a generation working in the sun for... continue reading here

"Tan-Face Children", the debut EP by T.Shirt & Darvin Silva will be released world-wide on Tuesday March 9th, 2010. The project, is presented for the first time in conjunction with the Connoisseurs Of Culture, a progressive media collective comprised of, and -

We're very excited to announce our partnership with the Connoisseurs Of Culture, there will be some more information on it shortly, just know we're good money out here.

*That pic up top is not the album cover. 

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