Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Breaking Down 'Hard Knock Life' With Jay-Z & Everybody Involved

Again, this is why YN is so ill. He says he just found this while cruising around looking for Hov concert footage. What it is, is an amazing recap of just how Jay-Z got his hands on the "Annie" sampled Hard Knock Life song which is probably still one of his biggest records to date. Everybody knew Jay-Z after that song. This is great footage right here.

*Update* the full episode of the show was found and it's even more incredible as they actually went and spoke to the original composer, the all-grown-up girl who played Annie, kids from Marcy, Kid Capri etc. They really went in, this is mad ill to watch. I still believe YN was the first to find it. Much respect Killa.

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