Thursday, February 11, 2010

DJ Skee's Disappointment w/ Drake

Damn Skee, I feel you man. Everybody knows what my opinion on Drake is. If not, just refer to the top right of the page in my current "For The Record" column. The point is, he could be doing things differently and he's not or hasn't yet. From what I get, Skee is truly blown away by the amount of doors Drake's opened for himself, truly taken back by how wildly accepted Drake's been, as I am. But with all that power, that sheer star power, what's changed? Fuck all the doors that opened for him, what about all the doors boy could have knocked down? I'll say this and you can take it how you want. Hip-Hop needed a good-looking, light-skinned kid. Hip-Hop needed a kid that can walk the line of corporate-friendly and streets-approved. Hip-Hop needed a young, smart, marketable motherfucker. We might have jumped the gun though. Drake did exactly what he was meant to. Someone else will do the same.

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