Friday, February 5, 2010

Elliott "YN" Wilson Interviewed By The World

Earlier today around 4pm the big man that keeps the lights on over at, playboy Elliott "Yellow nigga" Wilson gave the whole world an opportunity to ask him some questions. Foamspring, (the new social site the kids are playing with nowadays) allows you to set up a site where people online can ask you questions anonymously and you can choose whether or not to answer. Yn was cordial as can be haha.

"Eminem vs Jay-Z in a straight-out rap battle?"

"Deborah's baby boy"

Read the full interview here

*Elliott "YN" Wilson is currently a blog king, [former] XXL Editor In Chief, as far as Hip-Hop journalism goes the man is a legend. That's why I've been bothering him for the last year and a half to grab his fucking balls and put his money on the street. Ha !

*and yeah I created that picture up top and made it look like that

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