Tuesday, February 9, 2010

*New Music* T.Shirt - Dear Sade (Produced by Paul Cantor)

My man Paul Cantor sent me some music and it was just so smooth, I felt the need to take it there. In honor of the release of the beautiful Sade's first album in over a decade, I wrote a song called 'Dear Sade'. I use the song as a vehicle to explain how much Sade has influenced me to be a certain kind of artist. The woman had made classic, timeless music for the last 20 years and I thought I'd flirt a little bit haha "let somebody else steer, sit back here, drink wine and talk career".. vibe with me a little bit.

Listen/Download Dear Sade - T.Shirt (Produced by Paul Cantor)

"the town might belong to big Homie, but there's little nooks that he don't see.."

*Do enjoy what we're bringing to the table, and continue to support good music any way you can.
You can purchase Sade's brand-new album "Soldier Of Love" here.

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  1. Hot track dude... glad I sent that message to you by mistake!