Wednesday, February 24, 2010

T.Shirt x Darvin Silva 'Tan-Face Children EP' - Monday Massacre (Official) Release

Very happy to announce this right there. In a first-ever collaboration with The Connoisseurs Of Culture, a progressive media collective comprised of, Different Kitchen ( and Pleasedontstare.comDarvin Silva and I come together to bring you our debut EP, Tan-Face Children. You're gonna get  some real interesting and colorful verses from me this time around, over real underground, crazy-worldly beats. Retro Electro King Darvin Silva hand-picked all the music and went to town on final mixes haha.

*We kick things off with 'Monday Massacre', you might have heard it a few months ago but you never heard the full mastered version. Do yourself a favor and get the official jawn. If you never heard the song, it's a 'frighteningly' strong track which puts you right in the pocket of what what we're thinking musically. Produced by Mr. Oizo, I take you down to what sounds like an illegal dogfight in a London basement. Yeah, that's what the fuck we on right now. Tan-Face Children drops world-wide March 9th.

Read the official Press Release here

*Listen/Download Monday Massacre (Official) - T.Shirt (Produced by Mr. Oizo and Darvin Silva)

*Dred took the photo and Fern made it look like that, he actually has a little before and after shot you can see here. My friends are ill.     

Shout to Darvin !

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