Friday, March 4, 2011

Rick Ross Extended RapRadar Interview/Compilation Album "Self Made" Announcement

Rozay just took everything about his operation to the next level. I picked up the new issue of Respect Magazine and although the Ross interview is already dated, it's still a great read. There's a line in the story about how he hadn't been able to make money from music for 10 years that hit me pretty hard. A lot of times people don't get what I like about the dude so much. It's lines and feelings like this that stick out to me all the time from his music. Elliott Wilson, editor-in-chief of Respect Mag/ knew he had to update the talk for internet time so he got the boss rapper to elaborate some. I'm sure signing all, Wale, Meek Mill and Pill in the last three weeks wasn't a small feat, but from I hear Ross has things really fleshed out. Organized crime on music, man.

If you care, read the Rap Radar extended interview here. Also, an official MMG compilation album called, Self Made, dropping on MMG/Warner was just announced. Interesting time in Hip-Hop.

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