Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Raekwon Speaks To Billboard On Charlie Sheen, "He's a rich dick, man"

Rae spoke out about the Sheen mess to Billboard recently and pretty much mirrored how I feel about what's going on. While good-ole Charlie may have spawned an awesome-sounding mantra with quotes for days, speaking and looking like a fucking maniac, saying ridiculous shit and putting your kids through all the media bullshit is not #winning. My bad. Wise words from the Chef:

"Charlie Sheen is a rich dick, man," Raekwon -- whose new album, "Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang," is out today (Mar. 8) - "He's running around doing all this shit, and you know, he's got kids involved. I don't have anything against him. I just think when you handle yourself like that, when you're so much of a powerful man, it ain't cool. "When you're at a certain part of your life when you have children involved, and they gotta go to school and deal with that shit -- come on, man," Raekwon adds. "Wisen up man, straighten up man. You're getting $2 million an episode, B -- what the fuck?!" - 

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