Monday, March 28, 2011

Twitter Universe Interview w/ Jeff Staple

Something different. I'm sure the brother didn't think someone would turn his little Twitter game earlier tonight into a real post but why not? People around the world are asking him damn interesting questions and whether you follow the man or not you might want to peep game. So read up if you care! I'm posting most of them but for a more complete run-down of questions go here.

Do you ever sleep? Da Vinci said 4 hrs a day is all thats necessary. 
Favorite restaurant in NY? Changes all the time. Roberta's in Bushwick right now. 
After manufacturing, what's the next step in developing an apparel line? Find business partner to manage the books. 
What was the last thing you paid retail for? Snowboard bag. 2 hours ago. 
What do you think of Odd Future and Lil' B? Def the future. But not in my iPod for some reason. #tooold?
Where would you be without the Pigeon [dunk]? Where would Nas be without Illmatic?
I'm a Documentary nut. I think they are extremely educational + motivational. Do you have any faves? The Kids Are Alright. 
Favourite NPOs?
Have you ever crowdsourced any of your designs. Or shown the entire process online of designing? Working on that right now! 
Why are you only following two people on Twitter? Enjoying the silence. 
How much did it take to open up your first Reed Space? (Trying to finish up a business plan) $100k 
Did you go to business school before you started Reed Space/Staple design? Nope. Learned by fuckin' up!
What's your best advice for dealing with negative people in a business aspect? That's how you know you're doing a good job. 
What was the hardest part in starting a retail spot? It actually was quite easy. I had a razor sharp vision. 
What do you think about the state of 'streetwear'? It's evolving. Just like Hip-Hop.
What product would you like to do in the 'Pigeon' colorway, that you haven't done already? A school.
Who's your favorite photographer? It changes all the time. Right now:
How many pairs of Nike SB Pigeon Dunks do you own? One. No lie. 
Should I stay at small place and gain better experience knowing it won't be forever? Definitely.
I saw that you DJ, what type of music do you like to spin? Everything but country!
Where have you gotten your greatest inspiration from? Hip-Hop.
What appeals to you with a new/unheard of brand? A complete story. 
If you were starting a new t-shirt line, would you start with a logo tee or an original graphic design? The latter. 
How do you choose gear for the shop -- organized process or random? Organized Confusion.
When did you realize you no longer had to work a 9-5 job? You never know for sure. I had to take the risk.
What should design community do to boost positive Social change? Government should support designers more.
Where do most of your ideas come from? What sparks your creativity? Travel and meeting people on the road. 
What are your thoughts on the future of retailing? I think going more local/specialized is the future.
What do you value more in your success, your design or business skills? Or both? 50-50. Equally important.
Favourite movie? The Shawshank Redemption 
What is your all time favorite quote? Be formless. Shapeless. Like water. —Bruce Lee. 
You're one of my inspirations, how much does it cost to hire you in some form of advisory role? Best bet is to come to one of my talks. 
If there was another streetwear/clothing brand you could own, which would it be? Good question. I think Undefeated. 

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