Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Creative Dancer Wanted For Hip-Hop Artist Live Show

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Hey! Good afternoon. We're looking to do something creative and interesting to combat the tired bullshit you're used to seeing at Hip-Hop shows. We're looking for the perfect female dancer doing an eclectic style all her own. An interpretation and fusion of sorts between modern ballet, classical, and whatever else you think is appropriate. It's to be performed on stage. First, at small venues around New York and then further. You'll be an attraction on your own, off to the side of the main artist throughout his performance. The music you'll be dancing to is classic Hip-Hop, but our artist is by no means ordinary. He wants to bring something totally different to the table and this is only the beginning. We're all very excited.

There will be a casting call announced in the next couple of weeks for everyone chosen to come and audition live for a few of us but for now we need the following: Please send one *clear* full body photo attached in your email. Include your name, age, current occupation and dream job. You must be located in New York City and no formal dance experience is necessary. We're going off a gut feeling more than anything and someone with a creative and passionate interpretation of dance will absolutely be chosen over someone boring with a great resumé. On the other hand, professionalism is a win so please be prepared to show up with your A game.

There will be pay, including travel compensation to and from performances and bonuses, however not until a few shows in. There will also be mandatory rehearsals once we choose the right girl and have our ideas fully fleshed-out. Anxious to see what kind of response we get before we move any further. Thanks so much for your time.

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