Thursday, March 17, 2011

Odd Future Perform On MTV's Woodie Awards At SXSW (Video)

First OFWGKTV post on Incredible performance as always from these kids. Taking notes.

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  1. Seriously, though. These kids are the most intriguing act to come out in a long time. I know we all like the pop stars, but you have to agree that most songs sound the same!! While I don't subscribe to all of OF's lyrics, I'm just glad they are doing them. Takes courage (and a little immaturity to be honest) to be who you are, even if it's different. I hope they are maaaddd successful. Besides that, I wish I could be signed to the same label as Radiohead and MIA off the buzz of my mixtape!! And, the Yonkers video straight up belongs in the Saatchi Gallery.