Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Jeff Staple's "Film-School Inspired" Spring 2011 Collection VS. HotMop Films & T.Shirt's "24 Frames" Video - SOMETHING AIN'T RIGHT HERE, HAHA

Yo I'm bugging right now. All week, hell, all year we've tried to get at homie with our art. There's probably not three other people we respect in the game more. No bullshit, no exaggeration. Tonight, while rolling over to to check out their new Spring Line, I almost fell the fuck over. The Spring 2011 Collection is "Film inspired". It's shot in an NYC movie theatre, and the video's still photo (up top) is almost identical to our week-old "24 Frames" visual (down below). Like, almost identical. It must have been five of us this week alone hitting Jeff Staple to watch our new video. It's gotten to the point where yeah I get it, you don't like links over twitter, fine, but c'mon! We did a one-shot take through a classic NYC theatre, rapped 120 film titles into a song, brought along 30 friends and crew, and rocked Complete Technique pieces along with having the man himself, Osa, our boy come through. This is just ridiculous. For the record, I'm not pissed. When you're coming up being creative and trying to make a name for yourself, things like this happen and just suck. It's so frustrating. I'm not saying anybody stole the idea from anybody. None of us invented the wheel over here but shit, we did something cool and I want to be recognized for it. If not on a large scale, at least by some of the people I look up to in the game. I'm sure the Spring Collection will do very well, Mr. Staple. As always, your shit is hot. But we did this cool video I'd love you to watch, my man. Three and a half minutes of your time?

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