Wednesday, March 16, 2011

*New Music* Nostalgia, Ultra. (Album) - Frank Ocean

I'll be the first to say when I'm wrong. Though I've said I'm not messing with the shock rap kids of Odd Future, my brother told me to give the latest tape by singer Frank Ocean a thorough listen through and you know what? This shit is the best thing I've downloaded for a long time. There's seriously good music on this thing. No wonder he was just in the studio with Beyoncé. There's pop appeal bursting from the seams here. Very, very interesting. I'm gonna include the song that got me down below for stream. It's called "Novacane" and wow, man. The story he paints is incredible, with a killer melody. I'm deeply impressed.

Download Nostalgia, Ultra. (Album) - Frank Ocean

*Here, he talks to MTV about dropping the tape and not knowing what to expect.


  1. "if you don't fuck with odd future, fuck you" - hb

  2. is there anywhere i can stream the whole album ? i dont fuck with these kids but i want to sample this dude (pause) without having to download the whole thing