Wednesday, April 14, 2010

*The Moment You Feel Definite Hope* By The Illz

One thing I feel very strongly about is giving people I know in real life a post on I hold the quality of content very high and unless it's something I'd post whether I know you or not, you're not getting on the site. I've been following The Illz for a minute now waiting until I was personally moved. It's rare you find an artist in this day and age, especially in the landscape of the Hip-Hop of now, that doesn't involve himself in the meaningless chatter. What might of thrown me off about homie at first, is actually a truly remarkable attribute. Illz raps from his heart and you can hear it, and you can feel it. The music behind him is beautiful and though I'm not sure if it's been originally composed for him, there's no doubt it's what he looks for in a record. Shot and Directed by Kristopher Rey-Talley in Downtown, New York City, “The Moment of Definite Hope” is the first video to come from Illz' very well-recieved LP, The Pursuit available for download here.

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