Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cookies & Cream x Hot Mop Films Present "The Stay True Campaign" w/ DJ Eht Mills

I saw this last night and I gotta admit it's done really well. I wasn't familiar with homie but he seems pretty focused. Apparel and Designer toys brand Cookies & Cream together with Hot Mop Films have launched a video series they're calling “The Stay True Campaign“. A little bit about the project down below.

"Our brand motto – Stay True, is more than just mere words to us. It is something that we live our lives by and guides the Cookies -n- Cream brand. Believing in yourself and doing what you do regardless of popular opinion is important to us. Living in New York City and meeting plenty of individuals in several different industries, we are constantly inspired and amazed by what people are doing. People that have chosen to chase their dreams and believe in themselves when everyone else does not. People that have taken risks that would scare the boldest risk taker, all in the hopes of living out their lives the way that would forever make them happy. People that are always on the grind, hustling 24/7 to make their fantasies a reality. People that are fighting their way through life to get that championship belt they deserve. People that refuse to settle for society’s standard. These are our heroes. These are the people that inspire us."

Get to know DJ Eht Mills here

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