Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Guru Passes Away At 43 Years Old

I spoke a little bit about this on Twitter earlier. There's some personal experience I've had with Guru's music. He was just one of those rare artists everybody liked. I've worked with people that may not have even listened to Hip-Hop, but they faked it with some Gang Starr shit. That's a serious impact right there. As far as the bullshit, remember that we don't know for anything sure, and we shouldn't act like we do. I don't even understand why this is such a hard thing for us to accomplish. Why do we have to sensationalize something so much, to the point that we're living with these convictions of things we barely know anything about? I can't deal with it. Let's remember the man for who he was to us. A Hip-Hop legend. An ill rapper.

Listen/Download Mister Cee’s Throwback @ Noon (Guru Tribute)

*You gotta listen to this shit Cee does up there. My man gets into tears on the radio.

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