Friday, April 30, 2010

*Late Pass* Theophilus London's "I Want You" (Mixtape)

Still haven't checked this out yet but I will soon. Gotta support this brother. Plus, almost everybody I talk to tells me there's something special about this specific tape and the instrumentation is grand. I wouldn't expect anything less.

*Update* - Got to check out the tape in full yesterday and I have to say it's pretty dope. Theophilus London might just be one of the illest lyricists out right now and gets no kinda credit for it. The kid really spits, really paints you a picture. I hit him on Twitter and let him know how I felt a couple times and he hit me back, that was cool.

Download I Want You (Mixtape) - Theophilus London

*Mel D. Cole has a bunch of great photos from the Va$htie Bday Party/ Theophilus London Performance the other night at Santos. Check them out here.

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