Wednesday, April 14, 2010

[Interview Series] W/ Documentary Photographer Boogie

One of my favorite guys behind a lens, Boogie talks to Matthew Newton with Convo, a new interview series produced exclusively for Annals of Americus, about the Life/Death of the American Dream. Running through Boogie' series of photographs taken all over the world is something of a lesson. A harsh look into a world you may not ever see, but exists and stains. His photos have grit and dirt on them my boys could never design that way. It's a scary thing.

"I don’t really select a topic or person [for my photos], or have a method of gaining trust. I just go with the flow and things somehow work out. I try not to judge people and approach them with an open heart, with respect. And people recognize that and feel ok with me. Most of the shots that I have of gang members with guns and people shooting up I have because they asked me to take them. You can’t really ask people if you can shoot them in those situations—imagine going to the projects and asking people to take photos of them with guns? It wouldn’t end well."

Continue reading the interview here

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