Saturday, April 17, 2010

Jay-Z & Beyonce Perform "Forever Young" At Coachella

While I'm sure every blog in the game has this footage up right now, I just wanna talk about the crazy happiness coming off these two and give you my little review for a minute. There's like 10 seconds from 4:30 on that are just sooo nice, so real. For that moment alone I thought, all the awkwardness, all the voice-lost verses should be forgiven. Hov fucking killed it. He played Coachella and left it all on that stage. Somewhere after the 3rd, or maybe 4th song, things got a little hairy. Watching closely, barely knowing what it's like to be in front of 100 people and get that tired, let alone 100 thousand or so, I felt for the nigga. Not to mention the fact that it didn't seem to me like the audience connected all that well to the mostly egotistical, self-important raps. All that "I'm the shit" bravado works for us at the Garden but I think a crowd like Coachella needed more. Forever Young was most likely written for this exact moment where the crowd can sing along to one of better-known melodies of the night. There wasn't many. Having been to those infamous New York shows, hearing the entire crowd sing every single syllable, this must have been quite a different experience for the guy. Referring to fans that have been with him since day one, at one point Jay says, "there isn't many of ya'll". Still, I think ultimately you realize toward the end of his 2 hour-plus set, Jay-Z gave this shit is all, maybe the young man is as ill as he says he is.

*If I find more great footage from the night I'll update this post.

*Another review here.

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