Thursday, April 29, 2010

*New Music* Eminem's First Single "Not Afraid"

I know, I know I'm late to post. Fuck it. It's not for any reason other than I was busy doing real work. But yo, THIS SHIT GOES. At first, eh, I was doubting it. I'm sure there'll be people confused on how to take the "new" Em. Drug-free that is. But how are you gonna hate on a man for finally becoming free from his demons? God bless homie. I must have heard this 20 times today. I can't wait to hear 80,000 people singing this huge chorus. That's what it was made for, no question about it. Recovery hits stores June 22nd and I really do think we have something serious here.

Listen/Download Not Afraid (Produced By Boi-1da) - Eminem

*Complex got a nice little write-up from a bunch of different popular bloggers, tastemakers, and writers. Good shit, check it here.

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