Monday, March 8, 2010

T.Shirt & Darvin Silva "Tan-Face Children EP" Dropping Tomorrow

We're still not sure what time we're letting it go so check all day for updates. If I don't have your personal email, hit me.

*In a first-ever collaboration with The Connoisseurs Of Culture, a progressive media collective comprised of, Different Kitchen ( and Pleasedontstare.comDarvin Silva and I come together to bring you our debut EP, Tan-Face Children. You're gonna get very interesting and colorful verses from me this time around, over real underground, crazy-worldly beats. Retro Electro King Darvin Silva hand-picked all the music and went to town on final mixes haha.

You can read the official Press Release here

The first song we leaked was 'Monday Massacre', you might have heard it a few months ago but this is the full mastered version. If you never heard the song, it's a 'frighteningly' strong track which puts you right in the pocket of what what we're thinking musically. Produced by Mr. Oizo, I take you down to what sounds like an illegal dogfight in a London basement.

Listen/Download Monday Massacre (Official) - T.Shirt
*Check out the XXLMAG feature here.

The second song we leaked really took this whole thing to the next level. '24 Frames (Movie Night)' piggybacked Oscar buzz all weekend long and the response we're getting is crazy. I used over 120 movie titles woven throughout music by "The Bird And The Bee" to tell my story. We're about to do some very creative things with this one so fall in love with it now ! I urge you to read the lyrics here.

Listen/Download 24 Frames (Movie Night) - T.Shirt
*Also featured in XXLMAG, check here.

*As far as all the artwork it was a family affair - Dred took the photos and Fern made them look the way they do. You can check out his Flickr here. My friends are ill.   

Shout to Darvin !

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