Saturday, March 27, 2010

Miguel Paredes x 2ESAE x Ski "1 Brush, 2 Cans"

The other night, downtown on the east side, the sidewalk was littered with the best kind of slackers New York has to offer haha. Inside and out of the bar-turned-gallery, friends of friends of friends and artists alike mingled for a few hours admiring the gorgeous and fierce collaboration between the vivid (and cool as fuck) Miguel Paredes from Miami, and my good friends, street-art famous kids, 2ESAE and Ski of URNEWYORK. If you missed opening night, you're a punk but you're not lost. The show runs March 24th through April 12th, at Gallery Bar NY on 120 Orchard St. Hot Mop Films was in the building covering the festivities so expect something sweet and official dropping soon.

*I should figure out a better way to post a whole bunch of pics. Gimme a little bit on that. "I thought I told you cats I'm not a blogger!"

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