Monday, March 22, 2010

*New Music* Angeldust Freestyle - Sean Price x T.Shirt

I possibly sat on releasing this for longer than I've ever sat on releasing anything. I  just don't want no problem with Sean Price, simple as that. But I had something to say. I dunno.. I get in these moods sometimes where you really can't tell me shit. I hated that "kill your mother" thing at the end of his verse. I just did. Sue me. And I like the nigga. I think he's a real dude and I saw something on A-list radio he did and it was just bananas. All these bullshit young rappers can't spit with the comfort and honesty this guy can spew with one line but I just didn't like that thing at the end. Anyway, there's only a line or two about it, the rest is where the beat made me go.

Listen/Download Angeldust Freestyle - Sean Price x T.Shirt

"On the flip side of things, on the rich side in Queens,
these kids in a black pick-up picked up some thangs
$60 dollars down and the shit sniff of dreams,
and it's weed but the shit stench drips out the seams
crack something else man, what's bad is the fiends
the drug itself is more pure and pristine
niggas piss on dreams, get rich on schemes,
do dirt, turn around snitch on teams
fuck are you talking 'bout Shirt? pussies at 16..
watch rappers, get a .38, wanna spit a 16
fuck does this mean? it means
that while you talk, these kids like machines, which means
a whole fucking mess of them like pissed-off teens
making they Momma cry and don't care if the bitch screams
I like P, but here's what's wrong with his scenes
they hopeless, fuck that, I don't believe in these things
.. on the road to the riches and rings
the opposite of all that harsh shit is kids and they dreams
we gotta inspire, 'fore our talent expire
what you trying to water a flower with fire? 
it's fucked  up, people in the hood 6 months behind..
and pigs stop you when you run a stop sign
niggas front with fake jewels on like they got shine,
and think they can rap better than the new rapper the Roc signed..
damn shame and it's not mine
your Momma praying to the sound of the sirens, please not mine
the coolest drug dealer got time..
the biggest thug sleeps in a box of pine"

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