Tuesday, March 30, 2010

*New Music* Diddy x Dirty Money x T.I. "Hello, Good Morning"

So far, Puff's 1 for 2 in my book. Yeah we love him over here but one of the joints he put out a few months ago just didn't do anything for me. Now "Angels"? That record is crazy. Hated on by so many bloggers and kids alike but still, it hits so damn hard. Now, it's new single time for Diddy and the Dirty Money Gang and man you can just hear what this is gonna do in the clubs of the world. Whoa. The Puff verse on the end is laid on top of a serious piece of music by Timbo's man Danja. I'm into this.

Listen/Download Puff & Dirty Money feat. T.I. - Hello, Good Morning (Produced by Danja)

*American Idol Performance this Wednesday Night? Yeah, that shit isn't gonna be so good.

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