Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tina Fey In Esquire

We love Tina Fey over here. Not only is she very, very smart which is very, very sexy but she's damn funny and seems very much on the opposite end of your typical Hollywood chik.

"I got an e-mail [from Esquire] with a list of the potential setups, and my e-mail back was like, Well, I need to decline being handcuffed to a bed. I won't straddle anyone. I won't make out with a cop. There are certain things, I totally get them as a premise. And they're all good fun, and if I were a young single model, they would be appropriate, but, you know, I'm a mom. And my kid's going to find this someday. I don't want to be handcuffed to a bed in Esquire."

I'll try and get the whole interview once it's up but you can read a few great excerpts and see some great photos here when you get a chance.

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