Wednesday, March 3, 2010

*New Video* Adam Tensta x Eboi x Dada In St. John's Dance - "The Plot"

Adam's manager sent this over to me and the shit is pretty hot. They got the whole gang doing their thing on this. That hook is pretty wild. So this is how they get down in Sweden huh? Haha. For the two or three kids following from the start you know I interviewed Adam Tensta on a Brooklyn rooftop way back when. Now we cool people.

*Funny story, I'm watching this video and at the 2:16 mark I see my good friend Adam (with the afro) from Brooklyn. So I hit him up and I'm like how the hell are you in the new Adam Tensta video, and he has no idea haha. He finally remembers sometime in the summer, a guy coming up to him on the street and talking to him for like an hour, asking to take some film of him and what not. Funny shit.

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