Friday, March 5, 2010

*New Music* 24 Frames (Movie Night) - T.Shirt

I'm not sure how I came up with the idea right here but my whole thing was man, has this ever been done? I'm just trying to push the envelope. I asked friends and people on Twitter their favorite films, took some of my own and just went to work. At first it seemed like it was gonna be this huge task but once I got into it, it was just fun haha. I'm most proud of how the story is still my own and still tells some of my real experiences. Even down to my man Dred from Brazil who runs Hot Mot Films. I used his film debut I_NY at the end of the third verse. We're going all the way with this one haha. Expect a gang of cool promotion.

Check them links down below boyyyy. Tan-Face Children drops this Tuesday coming, March 9th.

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Cover photography by Dredlife, with texture and design by Fern.

Shout to Darvin !

Verse One
Born On The Fourth of July, with Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless MindLost In Translation, I was Almost Famous till The Invention Of LyingLittle Miss Sunshine had a Paper Heart. We had a Brief Encounter in Jurassic Park, but I'm a Raging Bull, we A World Apart. I'm creeping down Ms. Annie HallSexy BeastAlpha Dog. The UnfaithfulSex, Lies And Videotape, yeah boy, you can have it all but There Will Be Blood. She a Psycho like American History X.  But, before we can be The Departed One Flew Over The Cukkoo's Nest. Oh ! The Dark Knight, she threw me Into The Wild Manhattan. But before it's the Night Of The Living Dead, I'll head down to Brazil with Judge Dredd. Yeah, Public Enemies, I'm Ghost DogCatch Me If You Can. She screaming Liar, Liar I turn into the Man On Fire. It's a Dog TownDo The Right Thing or Forever be Unforgiven, shit, how many A Beautiful Mind turn ugly for a Pretty WomanBig Daddy turns to Rocky, I'm Pollock in this Fight Club but just like in the movie Up, it ain't Love Actually, it's actually Love.
Verse Two

Strangers On A Train, then it Crash. The Devil Wears Prada bags The Color Purple, and Clockwork Orange. I'm just trying to see that Snatch and I'm gonna hit that Belly Bad Boy, like an AlienGirl, Interrupted, then Blade Runner on that bitch, call that Poetic Justice! In my School Daze on the Mean Streets damn right I can tell you A Bronx Tale. Sometimes we were Boondock Saints, some nights we had Time To Kill. Some nights it was Coffee and Cigarettes in Chinatown On The Waterfront, 500 Days Of Summer, Bonny And Clyde, City LightsBut this was no Casablanca baby ! There was no Singin' In The Rain, no Mystic River, none of that. It was just The Kid, and The Usual Suspects.12 Monkeys trying to be Big Fish!
Verse Three
Once Upon A Time In AmericaGoodfellas in Modern Times set out to be The Incredibles, a Star Trek for A Wonderful Life. My Bourne Ultimatum, either a Taxi Driver or Paths Of Glory. The Million Dollar Baby willing to Die Hard for a Toy Story. The Big Lebowski doing Blow like Scarface is Pulp Fiction. If I become The Great Dictator send me some Shawshank RedemptionStand By Me Old Boy! It's Sin City in Central Station. Hip-Hop's No Country For Old Men, it's Grapes Of Wrath we facing. So we Changeling with a Sixth Sense, that's L.A. Confidential. We Children Of Men, let's Hope the 25th Hour ain't Memento. Some Like It Hot, District 9 with a Touch Of Evil. Fuck that! U Turn 12 Angry Men to a bunch of Funny People. I tried Finding Nemo standing on The Bridge On The River Kwai. That's metaphor for how I think I lost my Princess Bride. The Lady Vanishes into a Vanilla Sky of I_NY. A Brief Encounter but still, The Best Years Of Our Lives

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