Wednesday, November 4, 2009

*New* PILL "Hear Somebody Coming" - this shit is haaarrrdddd.

Yes I heard all the shit that came out today that had the blogs going stupid. I can't cosign none of that shit but this right here. This nigga Pill really got something about him. I have a feeling homie reads so if you're listening my nigga, stay clear of generic poor boy anthems ! He knows what I mean.

Download Hear Somebody Coming - Pill

*4075: The Refill drops Nov. 17th. Great fucking picture too up ^ there.


  1. i'd say that pill's best song is glass as far as production value/verse goes. the south is doing big thangs right now and im glad you're giving them their due also be interested in seeing the blogs that you follow!:)

  2. Well I've got some sites listed there on the right of the page down at the bottom but yeah, I like to mix it up, I like to discover new blogs, new people with something to say in an interesting way/style. Pill is talented and I'm anxious to see what he comes with in the future. We support good music over here.