Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jay-Z's First Number One Single On Billboard Top 100

For the first time in his 15+ year career, the man who has had the most #1 albums for any solo artist, the richest man Hip-Hop has ever produced, the only artist to ever perform at a baseball stadium during a World Series Game, the dude hitting off Beyonce, the king of New York etc. etc. etc. etc. hahahaha - that's enough right? My bad. Come tomorrow, Jay-Z will finally have his first ever NUMBER ONE TOP 100 SINGLE, Empire State Of Mind feat. Alicia Keys. The thing I love most about this is the lyrics and flow the song boasts. With lines like "I'll be hood forever" and "I'm the new Sinatra", it's gotta feel incredibly good to achieve this type of thing doing exactly what it is you do, with nothing held back. Very, very few artists can claim the same. Hats off my nigga !


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