Friday, November 13, 2009

Review Of Lil Wayne's "The Carter Documentary"

I think it's interesting that Wayne has now distanced himself from this. Maybe it's too raw and it really is a brand new nigga running around out there. Either way this sounds pretty incredible. YN's man has the scoop so I'll let him tell it.

At the beginning of the film, a title card apologizes for the fact that the filmmakers were never able to sit down and have a formal interview with Weezy, and that he withdrew his support from the film. Well, they shouldn’t have bothered. Number one, they have enough footage of other people interviewing Lil’ Wayne, not to mention in-depth Q&As with everyone from Birdman to Wayne’s best friend to Wayne’s adorable twelve-year-old daughter (who busts a startling good freestyle). Secondly, and more importantly, the fimmakers had an all-access pass to Weezy’s life for six months, shooting as a fly on the wall in all manner of intimate situations. You see Wayne dump a wad of money the size of a cement block into his suitcase. You see Wayne in concert. You see Wayne’s birthplace, Hollygrove, in New Orleans. You see Wayne on drugs, pounding sizzurp and smoking copious weed. There’s tons of comedy, intentional and otherwise (mostly intentional), and Wayne drops incredible science throughout; the best is one interview where he lists everything he’ll legalize, from prostitution to “putting cocaine back in Coke.”


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