Friday, November 13, 2009

Vintage T.Shirt Apollo Theatre Flyer+Bonus Record

Man I remember these days. In particular this day, being at the famous Harlem monument, running around with 20 of my closest people, scared to death I was gonna get boo'ed off the stage haha. I had a plan though, they'd never boo a cool poet right? So Will Divide and I constructed Flowers & Trees, a half spoken word/half hip-hop joint all poetry. And they didn't boo me. They clapped, everybody clapped. Shit, I would have won if it wasn't for the chik from down south who came through with 2 Greyhounds of folks haha. Oh well, good fucking times.

*Bonus* This was made about 8 years ago and it was never mastered or anything, pardon the quality. Listen/Download Flowers & Trees - T.Shirt (Produced By Will Divide)

"..but I could careless, if less was beyond less, and beyond less was best with Lesmes.."

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