Sunday, November 29, 2009

Joe La Puma Talks To Combat Jack About Early Jay-Z, Dame Dash & Rocafella

I'm reading this and it's crazy insight into what the early Rocafella boys were up to and how they moved. So far it seems what Jay had is, in my opinion one of the strongest teams and movements going on behind him I've ever heard of. These guys thought Jay was the GREATEST RAPPER ever and worked to prove it every single day. What I would do for that kind of support.

Read the full interview here

*Clark Kent, Dame Dash, Jay-Z, these were young men that believed more in how Jay-Z was the greatest rapper of all time than they were sure that tomorrow would come. On top of that, Jay, Clark and Dame both have some really BIG personalities, especially the combination of Dame and Clark. They “Knew” that the entire industry had not yet heard what they were hearing with Young Hov. They felt that every other artist, every executive in the industry were corny. With regard to Jay, they were right. All the rejections only made them work harder, push further.

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