Friday, November 13, 2009

*Exclusive* Freddie Gibbs Preview Interview w/

You can feel the realness when my nigga spits. You feel the authenticity, you hear the drawl. Born in the same city as the King Of Pop comes the gutter wordsmith, one of the hardest out this bitch. Freddie Gibbs, an ill rapper.

"If I wasn't rappin', honestly I'd probably be in prison or deceased. Aside from that bullshit, if I wasn't in the streets I'd probably be on or have my own radio show. I always loved music, but I didn't always rap. I'd probably have done some Mike and Mike in the Mornin' sports talk radio type of shit cuz I love sports. Go BULLS! Go BEARS!

My idea of a good time really is just smokin kush watchin a good football or basketball game. It'd be dope if you could smoke inside the stadiums cuz I go to games all the time, but I won't hold my breath on that one. When it come to females if they don't like doing what I do then I don't fuck wit em'. I like females that love sports, if she's a sports fanatic, that's a turn on.

Outside of rap I listen to a lot of Isley Bros., Marvin, Stevie, u know the r&b classics. Lately I been bumpin a lotta D'Angelo, I'm into neo-soul, love Jill Scott, I wanna do a song wit her. I also love Melanie Fiona, I'mma marry her one day she just don't know it yet.

I'm an ill rapper because nobody in the rap game ever came where I'm from, Gary, INDIANA. All these niggaz in the gangsta-rap genre tellin u the same story and so am I, I'm just tellin it from a different perspective, a different region. It's more than the message, its how u get it across."

Check back to illrapper in the next few weeks for the full sit-down talk with Freddie Gibbs.

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