Friday, November 13, 2009

My friend @SecretLifeLove talks about what #arealwife is supposed to be..

#arealwife NEVER cheats on her man!! She works thru problems communication is key!!!! Ladies stop arguing and listen!! 
#arealwife watches porn with her man!!!!! It aint nothing ladies u may pick up a trick or two!! Get ya game right! 
#arealwife won't dwell on her mans past she will be excited for the future!!!! Ladies let that past bullshit go! Move on!!!
#arealwife knows her man better than he does....ladies pay attention it works to ur advantage!
#arealwife will go for round 1, round 2, round 3, round 4 fuck that she'll go all night long she can sleep later! Ladies wake up!!!!!
#arealwife will act like a reg chick at the club, ignore him the moleste him as soon as they get in the car! Get in that backseat asap!!!
#arealwife will make her man a BETTER man! Ladies don't argue down to him ever not cool he needs that lil ego its why u loved him!
#arealwife will know how to sex her man while he watches the game! Its not hard ladies the d*ick salutes u just hop on for the ride.........
#arealwife is a superhero she cooks, cleans, takes care of the kids, the dogs and still has energy to fuck u every night....yessir!!
#arealwife puts her man before her homegirls he's ur immediate family u with him u ride with him....homegirls 90% cause the breakups!!!!!
#arealwife will never deny sucking ur d*ck and she'll enjoy every min of it.....ladies get ya sh*t right!!
#arealwife doesn't let anyone talk shit about her man!! Not friends, not family, no one! U stand by ur nig!!!
#arealwife really "knows" her man knows when he's upset, worried, getting sick, stressed etc she takes care of him
#arealwife doesn't sweat the groupies she just goes home put it down on her man let's him know where its really at! Ladies Listen!!!!!!!!!!!
#arealwife doesn't know the meaning of the word NO....ladies u get more with honey than u do with vinegar!! Wake up!!
#arealwife deep throats or learns how too.... ;p
#arealwife swallows .... Case closed yessir!
#arealwife would cook for u and ur friends make sure everyone is cool
#arealwife keeps it 100 with her man! Ladies soooo important ya'll miss this mark... Applys to #arealgirlfriend as well...
#arealwife would join u in that shower and help wash u up and concentrate on all the important areas....yessirrrrr
#arealwife inspires and supports her man in all he wants to do whether crazy or not.... Yessir!
#arealwife makes sure her man is happy!! Ladies get ur game right spoil them they return the favor :)
#arealwife cooks breakfast in a thong and heels w/hair up..looks sexy as fuck, neck is open for kisses and thong can slide over POW!!!!

*Damn Secret, they don't make 'em like you anymore girl. Wow.

and there's more too, check Shorty out

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