Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Take Care Album Review/Drake Interview With Stereogum

The album it seems everyone was waiting for sprung a leak a couple nights ago and sent the internet in a frenzy. First it seemed every single link was fake, then every single link was real, and boom that bitch was in my iTunes. I immediately liked it, prompted by standout verses on the intro and so forth. On 2nd and 3rd listen though, things got a little muddy. A few songs sound like exactly the same record on different beats. Then I released the hyped up Rihanna-feature was actually a word for word rip of my favorite Gil Scott-Heron song over Jamie xx production. That bothered me a lot. Mostly because the original song flew so far under the radar I'm almost positive this will be the first time a lot of fans are introduced to it now through Drake. It's just not right. I listened to it a couple more times and it's not so bad so whatever. Solid effort on Drizzy's behalf overall. Kid's got a lethal pen and a bunch more years in him making great music.

I'm including the big, ill Just Blaze-produced banger "Lord Knows" everyone's talking about down below:

*There's a super in-depth Stereogum interview that's kind of interesting too, if you care, where Drake touches on a lot of the process in making his sophomore album.

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