Friday, November 18, 2011

Benetton's Powerful, Worldwide 'Unhate' Campaign Featuring President Obama

A lot of times with posts like this it takes me a while to spit it out. I wanna get it right, get it all in the blogger box, you know? This is to me, the epitome of great advertising. Benetton's known for it, though took 10 years off from the game. Now they're very much back. In their own words:

The UNHATE Foundation, desired and founded by the Benetton Group, seeks to contribute to the creation of a new culture of tolerance, to combat hatred, building on Benetton’s underpinning values.

Balls this big are something special and should be dealt with as so. Cover the moon with one of these shits. Go here for the entire package; full briefs and press-kits, videos, jpeg packets and so forth.

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