Monday, November 14, 2011

Go (APP) - "It's Go Time"

So after being a bit confused as to what exactly the Go App did, I asked co-creator Jeff Staple himself to share in his words what his new creation was about. His answer, not surprisingly, was simple as can be. If/when you find yourself witnessing an interesting event, be it a long line for new sneakers dropping, the landing of another plane in the Hudson, #OCCUPYWALLSTREET adventures, something serious, something fun, something wild, take a photo and share in real time with everyone that's a "fan" of your feed. Get it? Unlike other photo sharing apps and programs, Go App does not allow you to upload a photo you've taken last month, or even 10 minutes ago. It's right there and then or nothing at all. The cool thing about all of it is if this thing gets big enough, we'll essentially have "eyes" everywhere. The world becomes our backyard.

Get the GO APP here.

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