Friday, November 4, 2011

Leonardo DiCaprio In The NY Times, "A Star Who Isn’t Afraid to Take Risks"

“When I can’t immediately define the character, and there’s an element of mystery to it and still a lot to be explored, that’s when I say yes.”

These days I'd watch anything by this guy. Unafraid to immerse himself in real characters, Leo's the real deal when it comes to seemingly pretty boy movie stars. I'm sure having a few of the world's greatest directors lining up to work with you doesn't hurt either. His next role will be J. Edgar Hoover, in a biopic directed by Clint Eastwood, about the famously secretive FBI director for 8 straight U.S. presidents. Times article is clutch. Sinatra biopic by Scorcese??! The Great Gatsby?! Awesome.

- Mahdude

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