Thursday, November 10, 2011

GQ Magazine Talks To Drake's Producer/Engineer, 40

"He says R&B a lot. At least they know." - My man. Drake & 40 come under so much scrutiny about the watered down hip-hop they've come to create but I for one like it the most from these guys. I was just saying how, melody-wise, "Shot For Me" is my new favorite song off Take Care. "Marvin's Room"? C'mon, the shit's great. GQ does a good job of getting down to the bottom of the super engineer and rapper's relationship both in and out of the studio.

I had a very distinct taste for R&B music, growing up listening to it my entire life and I love producing it first and foremost. It was everything from SWV and Jon B to Silk and Playa and any you could possibly think of... We're always surrounding ourselves with music like that. Even on Take Care you'll see a lot of '90s R&B samples, you know? A lot of different artists from the R&B world of the '90s—we're trying to keep that prominent, like the last album with the Aaliyah stuff. I've been an Aaliyah fan since I was a kid—me and my sister—so that stuff comes up as well. That Timbaland/Ginuwine era, too.

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