Wednesday, September 8, 2010

*New Beat Tape* Crime Loops (Produced by TeV 95)

The infamous shit is finally up for consumption. Rappers and hip-hop heads alike, people who like good instrumentals, etc. Forget all the nonsense your rapper likes to kick over hot beats for a minute. The kid TeV, whom I must say I've come to respect a great deal since meeting him on twitter 8 months ago, drops off his latest project.

Crime Loops is a collage of beats, edits, loops and sounds that exude a taste of urban culture with a hint of Brooklyn's art renaissance.
Influenced by everything from Coldplay to OV Right and more. Crime Loops explores many different methods of sampling and editing, from the classic to the obscure.
 Many of today’s artistic masterpieces are nearly impossible to release for sale because of outdated intellectual property laws. It's arguable that some of today's most popular artists may find the need to break the law to create their art. Hence the name, Crime Loops.

<a href="">Make It Last by TeV95</a>

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