Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jay-Z & Warren Buffet Cover Forbes 400

This is soooooooooooooooo dope. Listening to Warren Buffet talk about he came to be the 80 year old man he's become is so mothafuckin' inspiring. Don't over-state things, don't over-promise. Be humorous, be truthful with yourself and those around you. Stay the course on the things you're good at and stay clear of the things you aren't. I mean as simple as some of this stuff sounds it's that good to hear. I watched this whole damn thing twice. For me it's not about the millions you want to make for whatever reason, it's just about being able to wake up and be happy in your life, be happy working. That's the dream I've had since I could remember and to this day I'm chasing that shit. So proud of big brother Hov over here. It takes him a while but he gets into his own groove. I'm sure it's nothing short of a trip sitting next to Warren Buffet even for the king of New York rap. I think one of the most interesting things about this from a guy in music's perspective is the sad truth that there is no great answer to the problems Jay speaks of in the business. It really is changed forever and what people need to realize is that the staying power and succession an artist has comes from being the best damn artist around. The guy who could put on the "once in a lifetime experience every single time". There's so much in that. Anyway I'm sure people from all walks of life can benefit from watching a lecture as diversified and wealthy in knowledge as this. Don't be crazy, click the thing.

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