Thursday, September 16, 2010

*New Music* Cover Me (I'm Going in) - The ILLZ

The kid ILL Tal samples the very popular and very dope La Roux record “In For The Kill.” Darvin gave me the Skreams version over a year ago and I never wanted to fuck with it cause every time I tried writing I'd just get lost listening! haha. Fucking incredible vox. Most recently, music supervisor for Entourage, Scott Vener, used it for the end credits on Episode 6 and brought it into all of  our lives once again. ILLZ does his one-two thing in support of his Let it Fall: The Pursuit LP 1.5, coming in November 2010.

Listen/Download Cover Me (I'm Going in) - The ILLZ

The team working overtime! DJ Semtex out on London Radio debuted it and DJ Wonder spun it on Angela Yee’s Show on SHADE 45, respectively. Dope shit.

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