Monday, September 27, 2010

Brand New Sunday Night Television "Eastbound & Down" & More

Got to catch this with Darvin and the boys last night and we laughed like crazy all the way through. Thanks to our friends at Strike Gently, you don't need the friends, blunts, flatscreens, snacks and general feeling of community. You can watch Sunday night television on Mondays while you should be working. Be my guest here:

Bored To Death Season 2 Premiere (great fuckin' show, excited about the new season)

*New* Boardwalk Empire Episode 2 (haven't seen it, heard good things)

Family Guy Season 9 Premiere (soooo dope)

*There's others I could careless about as well as a bunch of other weird shit you can also find at StrikeGently. Say hello for me.

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