Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Poem For Jasmine Herron R.I.P.

Somebody that went to high-school with Jasmine wrote this poem for her and asked me to post it. It's beautiful and this is just so sad but it's an honor.

For Jasmine

I had a dream last night
Where you flew
In a party dress not made of gold
Because you never wanted money
Not made of glass
Because you had to bear life’s hard knocks
But made of rainbow shoelaces
Of ruby yarn and silver string
And because our hearts were torn in two
You used it to sew us back together
Because you always preferred being naked anyway.

And while you flew naked
You burst into dance
You know
The one everyone knows
And is good at
So while you flew by
We couldn’t help but join
Until we all were dancing
And we all cried tears of joy
And you loved it
Cuz it was a party.

And you kissed our foreheads
And said don’t be late
So we lined up
And you painted us all
In soft lavenders and silly pinks
In sea greens and mountain orange
And we smoked cigarettes
That tasted like candy
And spoke in French accents
About how amazing your painting was
Because it looked just like love.

And god looked down
And fell in love
Because god is human like the rest of us
And she makes mistakes
She made you too good
Too much
Too soon
And the bitch got jealous
And though we weren't done with you
She had to have you back
When you flew.

And when you got knocked off your bike
For a moment you knew what flying was
And then you shattered to the pavement
Into a million rainbow sprinkles
And we all made sundaes
And everyone in the world shared you
And not only were you delicious
But you made us all forget our troubles
For an instant.

And businessmen put down their briefcases
And children were released from school
Because it was a party
Where the cops never showed up
And those jerks were cool for once
And everyone was happy to see everyone else
Because why not?

Maybe it was all just a dream

Its no ones fault
Its just life
And death

And you said
That though we’ll grow apart
There was no distance too great
That it could out span our love
And though we have to spend time apart
We will always have our memories
Where we could spend an eternity

If I need it

I want to thank you ever after
Love you so hard
Do the things we left undone
The moments unborn

I once had a dream

Where I lost a best friend
Before I knew what loss was
And he left a hole
Deep in my heart
And I awoke in tears
And now that I know
How to lose a best friend
I wish that I didn’t have to
But I know in my dreams
I can always find
A dancing party girl.

You went to New York to have the time of your life

And its clear to me you did.

Dance on party girl

Jasmine Valentina:
in a party dress to party in my dreams



  1. a beautiful poem
    i didn't know jasmine
    but i am a bike rider
    and i went to her memorial in brooklyn
    on the wall of my studio
    is the photo of her
    that was given out that night
    i look at it often
    she lives on